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Loved it  

It's great, a gatweway to unpack your stuff and talk to yourself in a way that is really just good for you.

Holly    June 18, 2019  
Life changing  

I was lucky enough to use this before it launched and all I can say is life-changing. I read entries back to myself and laughed or cried, found the questions raw and open, and could not put it down. Every, and all women need this in their lives.

Lottie    December 4, 2018  

I am starting the new year journalling with my tribe empowerment journal and could not be more excited. So far tough but can feel the transformation happening.

Gail    January 2, 2019  

So excited for my copy to arrive. Finally an avenue to remind ourselves ~ I'am enough & possible daily.

Sheryl C    December 13, 2018  
Forever a creation in progress.  


Sister at some point you’ve got to be ‘intentional’, and perhaps like me you’ve struggled with this or are still struggling with being ‘intentional’ in some aspect of your life. While some areas of your life may be where you desire to be, there are other areas we could always work on as we are forever a creation in progress.

Now we all know the saying ‘rome wasn’t built in a day’, so don’t be down on yourself. We’ve all got to start somewhere - the important thing is to start.

The ‘Tribe Journal’ should get you on your way with its daily dose of inspirational messages, encouragement to reflect and be intentional in what ever area you desire. Together we are working not just to become better on our terms but to create better communities, opportunities, experiences etc (not just for ourselves but for others too). I believe we are in an era where women have the solutions to many of the problems we face and are at the forefront of making things happen.

HERE’S TO US. Let’s continue to be a global tribe.

There’s a small contribution from myself in The Tribe journal too. Hope it releases and blesses you in whatever way you choose.

Gitas Portal    June 18, 2019  
The best present  

Thank you to my cousin Sophie for getting this for me, it's really hard to fill in but as I got into the habit I am changing how I talk to myself about myself! Must have ladies.

Emily    March 25, 2019  

The negative thoughts I have when I wake up can sometimes cripple me. Bought and cant wait to use this. Time to fight back.

Sarah    December 5, 2018  

A beautiful journal of daily asks which will help nurture self-esteem and self-development. I absolutely love it!

Austen    April 7, 2019  
Great gift  

Sister purchased the journal for me and I thoroughly enjoy using it, it provides prompts for introspection and challenges you to be kinder and more honest with yourself. A very refreshing approach to your own emotional well-being and self-esteem building.

Zulay    April 1, 2019  

When I received this in the mail two days ago, I nearly burst into tears. It's my birthday tomorrow so I have to say that the Universe has a way of giving you the best gifts when you least expect it. When Samata reached out and said that she is so inspired by my words and asked if I’d be willing to be part of her private book project a) I was speechless, and b) at that time I didn't know that her private book project was the creation of this phenomenal journal. Trust me when I say that this book is going to be a real game changer for you. I have never seen anything quite like this before. I only spent 5 minutes each day journaling my intentions for the day and that process has created a powerful avenue to embrace each day in a very positive light and opened up a dusty, dirt road that was closed for years. For someone like me who has never embraced e-books or the kindle, there is something incredibly powerful in the smell of a tangible book and writing in it. The journal also has the potential to awaken dormant, suppressed events (positive or negative) and make you learn and heal from them. For one particular entry, it was strange that my mind automatically went to something I achieved 18 years ago instead of looking towards recent achievements. Imagine doing this exercise 5 minutes first thing in the morning every single day of your life. Life will be very different indeed and you will finally realise that you have always been in control and have been doing amazingly well in life all long. It's time to celebrate the 'now'. The book is peppered with empowering stories from other women, inspiring quotes, confrontational questions, thought-provoking chapters, and most of all, it is a companion that allows you to finally say about bloody time, "I am enough".

Gaayathri Periasami    December 20, 2018  
So simple but so effective  

I am 2 pages in and can't believe no one has thought of this before. Incredible and powerful journal.

Yaya C    December 11, 2018  
Oh My Heart  

Oh my heart... it was just delivered & it’s incredible! Filled with inspiration from badasses I admire; as well as, questions & tips focused on stripping away the BS, in order to fully show up for ourselves! It’s brilliant, really, (a compliment I don’t give easily) and fierce.

Reading through, I was shocked to see myself included in its pages. It’s a true honor to be quoted in this prolific journal, alongside my inspirations: Maya Angelou, Oprah Winfrey, Princess Diana, Sark, Julie Andrews, Jada Pinkett Smith... the list goes on. These are the women that did work for me, so I didn’t have to. That suffered, so I could start my career on second base. That stayed the course, especially when it was the hardest road to take. Statements from incredible inspirations are on every page of this journal, reminding me to “cut the crap” when I start to write a narrative, instead of a truth. Thank you for that Samata , I see what you did there. 🖤

This is a beautiful workhorse of a journal, that’s going to require some raw & real moments, in order to participate with authenticity & show up for myself every day. I’m excited & nervous. I’m sure there will be some laughter, some ego checks, some tears & a whole lotta “oh fuck’s” as I work through this book... and I can NOT wait!

Erin Waters    December 8, 2018  
Somewhere to put my crazy  

I’m an emotional person so this journal is a dream for me and something I defintely need. It helps me release my feelings in dribs and drabs to stop me from bursting at the seems and feeling overwhelmed.

It’s even more special to me as it was created by one of my favourite people, thank you 💕

Beth Gentle    March 19, 2019  
1 page in and ...wow  

Literally just 1 page into this journal after reading the blistering intro and thumbing through the quotes, and let's just say I am already shedding a cathartic tear. Thank you Samata for creating this. Women, get this in your life.

Regina Waller    December 8, 2018  
self love and self talk  

in love with my journal and digging how it's making me talk to myself 🙂 get yours!

Camila    January 6, 2019  
Get a copy  

Get a copy of this journal, it's life-changing, before it gets discovered and becomes mainstream. I absolutely swear by it! It has changed my mornings!

Amelia    April 26, 2019  
A Beautiful All Encompassing Journal  

I can not even begin to tell you how lovely this daily empowerment journal is. I love everything about it from the design, size, journal prompts, quotes even the paper itself. This is the tool that I have looked for, well, forever! Sometimes we do things or think a certain way about ourselves and we don’t ever really stop to figure out why. The pages here are designed to nudge the inner you to the surface and to shed light on what makes us special just as we are. If you have been looking for something for yourself, this would be a great find.

Kelli Benis    May 28, 2020  

I am 4 days in and this is hard! I didn't think I would find talking to myself in this way so hard, it's worth it but prepare to be challenged for the better.

Sinead    December 20, 2018  
Power of Thought!  

I love it. I absolutely in awe of the diversity within the journal. I have started using it and i can already see a transformation in my thought process. Ive been told words have power and at times we need to rekindle that power with powerful words. 
I read every single page! Its not a journal but a battle plan to take back our thoughts and empower them with purpose. The journal allows you be brutally honest with yourself but also encouraging healthy boundaries.. You can succeed today or tomorrow the power is within us to Will it.

The Tribe.. who are you? I AM !

Gabrielle Gonzales    December 10, 2018  
2 months in...  

I have been using this for 2 months and it is such a powerful tool! Looking back at the entries really does blow my mind how I talk to myself and how far I am progressing. Recommend this for every woman who wants to be kinder to herself.

Ali    March 6, 2019  

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