Filming THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal Video

“Before launching the journal, I wanted to share it with a handful of the unique women I know to trial, and give me their open and honest feedback. They each had a week to write in it and shared themselves openly and powerfully. On Sunday 30th September 2018 (a day which went down with a star in my diary) we filmed the video chronicling their experience. It was truly an unforgettable day!

Let me start by firstly saying this. Every single interaction I have had with women has brought me closer and closer to the formation of first THE TRIBE™ in 2016 and now THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal. I followed my heart when it came to creating this. I drew on personal experiences and observations.

So what I loved most when we filmed the video was seeing how each of the women featured, whilst so different from one another, said the journal spoke to them uniquely. I wrote it for every woman, even though it also helped me to create it. As the 4 women progressed through it and sent me messages about their experiences, I felt elated. I knew that even if only Annabelle, Annie, Beth and Gen ever used it, this would be an achievement in my life and something to celebrate.

When sharing the ‘test’ journal it was more important that we put it in the hands of real and relatable women, not so much influencers with 100K followers and a huge platform, but women who impressed and inspired me outside of that. We wanted their feedback. I guess that this is part of this new “I Am Enough” era we talk about. The one where we evaluate whose opinions matter and give weight to the woman we admire now and can tell as such.

Thank you to my TRIBESters – Annabelle, Annie, Beth and Gen – for being vulnerable, open and, simply put, incredible. I wrote this for women like them and because I really wanted to put together something for all the incredible women following and discovering THE TRIBE™ every day. Why? Well because, we need to be kinder to ourselves, and we need to celebrate who we are every day, not who we could be.

I’m very grateful to the amazing Featured TRIBEsters whose quotes in response to our survey or TRIBE interview extracts are featured in the journal. Designed to uplift, it’s the perfect gift for you or the women you most admire in life. The journal is one way to help them realise how loved they are. Pick up your copy here.

Special thank you to an incredible team and support on the day – Jonathan Pattinson, Melissa Bradbury, John Davidson, Sanel Kelly, Max HerridgeJay Whitehead, James Hodge, Jesse Wells, Aleroh Beauty and Reluctantly Brave.”

Make sure you watch the ‘What 4 Women Had To Say After 7 Days of Using THE TRIBE™ Empowerment Journal’ video here.

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